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Quality Control and Pre-shipment Inspections of fresh fruit and vegetables for export / SERVICES

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Quality Control and Pre Shipment Inspections Fresh Fruit / SERVICES

Agro Standard Control Ltda. was set up in 1990 (in Chile) to monitor the quality of exports and provide checks services for the benefit of importers across the world.
Inspections of fruit and vegetables for export, are normally carried out 24 - 48 or 72 hours before departure, previous to shipment by a team of post harvest experts who assess the fruit's external quality, packaging and weight of consignments as well as internal fruit quality, internal damage, etc

When the lot fruit is in cold storage, there we take samples, we check quality according to the requirements of market and customer.

The inspector make a report and he take digital photos of the fruit and very soon we send the report by e-mail to our customer.

The parameters, analysis and checkups more common in fresh fruit and vegetables for export are :

In Apples, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, Pears

There are much other analysis in fresh fruit, depending on the kind of fruit.

In Table Grapes the analysis are:

The color in table grapes is very important, for example, for Red Globe grapes in Taiwan the consumer prefer pink light color and for the same grape in Korea the market prefer dark color for Red Globe grape.

Digital photos in pre-shipment inspections Fresh Fruit :

Digital Photos about our Inspections of Fresh Fruit


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